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Sanding dust extraction WILTEC WL 2500

Article number: 14608

Price range

2.000,- €
5.000,- €
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Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2007
Working length mm2500
Working width mm1900
Flow rate m3/h9000
Main motor power kW7.5
Circulating air systemYes
Vibration filter cleaningYes
Sanding dust extraction wallYes
Filter cleaningMotoric vibration filter cleaning
Weight kg1180
AvailabilityWarehouse D-01665 Klipphausen
Operating statusdismantled/ stored


* Ventilator 7,5 kW; motorische Abrüttlung 2,2 kW
* Filtermedium W 600 F
* Filterklasse EU-5
* Abmessungen:
- Filtereinheit: 2500x850x3000 mm
- Rückluftkanal: 4500x500x500 mm

=== English ===
* main fan 7,5 kW; filter cleaning motor 2,2 kW
* filter categorie W 600 F
* filter classification EU-5
* Measurements:
- Filtering unit: 2500x850x3000 mm
- Return air duct: 4500x500x500 mm