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Article number: 42224



Price on request

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2006
Working dimension X4020
Working dimension Y1390
Working dimension Z390
Main motor power kW10
5th axis5-axes spindle
4th axisYes
Tool changing positions15
Machine tablePod and rail table

Further technical details

Machine controlSIEMENS SINUMERIK 840 D
Milling spindle liquid-cooledYes
Disc tool changerYes
Number of routing spindles1
Rotation speed max rpm24000
Torque supportYes
Tool clamping systemHSK-F63
Cantilever machineYes
Number of consoles6
Vacuum pumpYes
Capacity vacuum pump m³/h140
Safety deviceBumper
Total connection kW22
Availabilityon request
Operating statusbasic functions can be shown


Baujahr geschätzt/ year of manufacture estimated
* Arbeitsbereich in X und Y gültig bei reiner 3-Achs Bearbeitung, bei
5-Achs Bearbeitung ist dieser leicht eingeschränkt, siehe Prospekt.

* Working area in X and Y are exclusively true for 3 axis machining,
during 5-axis operation it is slightly restricted, see brochure.