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This item is already sold.

Wide belt sander VIET S 2 323TM 2620 RRT

für Furnier- und Lackschliff

Article number: 43460


This item is already sold.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2006
Sanding width mm1350
Sanding aggregates total3
Sanding rollers2
Segmental pressure padelectronic
Lacquer sandingYes
Vacuum tableYes
Constant passline heightYes
Sanding belt length mm2620

Further technical details

Machine controlVIET SUPER TS COLOR
Automatic feeding belt controlYes
Workpiece thickness min mm3
Passage height max mm160
Sanding pads total1
Segment width mm30
Sensing of workpiece thicknessmechanical
Main motor power kW15
Adjustable sanding belt speedYes
Feedrate max m/min16
Continuously variable feedYes
Blow-off deviceSanding belt
Jump-in controlYes
Aggregates with frequency inverters1
Configuration of aggregatesr-r-p-u
Declaration of CE-conformityYes
Required space LxWxH mm2030x2400
Weight kg3700
AvailabilityWarehouse D-01665 Klipphausen
Operating statusbasic functions can be shown


* Ausstattung:
1. Walzenaggregat 11 KW / 45 Shore
2. Walzenaggregat 15 KW (Inverter) / 24 Shore
3. Schleifschuhaggregat TE 42E (Antrieb mit Aggregat 2.)
4 Scotch-Brite Bürstenaggregat 1,1 KW

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology WOOD TEC PEDIA



Wide belt sander VIET S 2 A craftsmen machine for the calibrating and the fine sanding with up to three working units. Units Sanding roller units R with rubber or steel roller Grinding shoe...
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source: VIET