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Glue spreader BLACK BROS. 775 HOT MELT SPR +OSAMA CL 2+ MAAN Hotmelt

+ Kalanderpresse+ Fassschmelzer // + Calender roller+ drum melter

Article number: 45316


Price on request

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2001
Glue applicationRoller coating
Number of rollers2
Number of spraying heads total2
Working width mm1700
Double-sided glue applicationYes
Single-sided glue applicationYes

Further technical details

Suitable for hot meltsYes
Suitable for PUR glueYes
Material of the application rollersRubber
Movement of spraying gunslinear
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusdismantled/ stored


* Inkl. neuwertigem PUR Aufschmelzgerät MAAN Engineering DM 200

== English ==
* Incl. PUR melting unit MAAN engineering DM200, condition like new!