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This item is not available anymore.

Article number: 53792

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2009
Number of tenoning spindles2
Moulding spindles right mm2
Moulding spindles left mm2
Length of tenoning spindle mm620
Length of profiling spindle mm620
Four side planer
Mortise-tenon double sided

Further technical details

Machine controlSCM CONTROL 100 PC
Scantling length min mm260
Scantling length max mm3000
Main motor power kW11
Feedrate max m/min35
Continuously variable feed
Fine finish planer
Glazing bead saw
Tool set for window production
Completely chained
Weight kg54420
Availabilityca. 31.12.2020
Operating statusstill in production use


* Hobel- und Kehlautomat Superset XL5
* Doppelendprofiler Multiten D
* Längsprofiliereinheiten rechts/links inclusiv Bohrstation (WinProf)
* Hydrohobelmaschine (MAS/S1/SX)

=== English: ===

Pos. B: Infeed cross conveyor / buffer SCM TS-U/1 DX
Pos. C: The infeed system for the planer/ moulder SCM BASE 3
Pos. D: Moulder SCM TOPSET XL-22
Pos. E: Cross conveyor / buffer SCM TS/CS5-SX
Pos. F: Double end tenoner SCM MULTITEN D
Pos. G: Feeder and parts singulation SCM TS/SS5-SX
Pos. H: Glass bead seperating and profiling machine SCM WINPROF
Pos. I: Separation unit SCM TS-N-1-SX: Glass beads are outfed, The
workpieces are fed to the Fleximat machine
Pos. K: CNC drilling machine SCM FLEXIMAT
Pos. L: Buffer unit SCM S1-DX RIT 180
Pos. M: CNC drilling machine SCM ARIES M
Pos. N: Feeder and metal detector SCM TS-N-1-SX
Pos. O: Profiling machine SCM WINPROF
Pos. P: Finishing Hydro planing machine SCM TOPSET SF
Pos. Q: Outfeed unit and cross conveyor buffer SCM S1-SX RIT 180

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology WOOD TEC PEDIA



Wooden windows production line from SCM particularly for series production Built since the mid 1990s as successor model of System 4S different automatisation packages, basically though with...
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source: SCM