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This item is not available anymore.

Multirip saw PAUL K34 V/1000

inkl. 6,5m Querabräum-Rollentisch, 4 Laser, MaxiRip_XL

Article number: 54321


This item is not available anymore.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2010
Cutting height mm105
Workpiece feedRollers, hydraulical
Saw bushing adjustableelectro-motive
Machine controlPAUL MAXIRIP
Opening width mm940
Movable saw blades3
Saw shaft diameter mm60
Top roller driven6
Main motor power kW37
Feedrate max m/min83
Continuously variable feed
Alignment laser
Digital readout
Rotation speed adjustable
Anti-kickback saftey device
AvailabilityFrom around November 2020
Operating statusstill connected


Die Säge hat im Jahre 2017 einen 80.000 EUR teuren Umbau bekommen:
* 2m Förderband im Einlauf, 750mm breit
* 4 Linienlaser; davon 3 verstellbar
* MaxiRip_XL-Steuerung mit Touchpanel, Joystick-Bedienung
* Heizung für Betrieb bis minus 10°C
* Schaltschrankkühlung für Temp. größer 30°C
* CE-Neuzertifizierung
Weitere Details auf Anfrage

In 2017, this saw received an 80,000 EUR conversion:
* 2m conveyor belt in the infeed, 750mm wide
* 4 line lasers; 3 of them adjustable
* MaxiRip_XL control with touch panel, joystick operation
* Heating for operation down to minus 10°C
* Switch cabinet cooling for temperatures above 30°C
* CE new certification
Further details on request

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology WOOD TEC PEDIA


PAUL K34 V/1000

Dividing saw with adjustable saw bushings K 34 V/1000 unites the attributes of a classical multiblade saw and a double edge saw. For cutting hardwood and softwood 940 mm opening width For the...
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