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Article number: 55741

Price range

40.000,- €
49.000,- €
Non-binding, individually verified price information based on market prices from WOOD TEC VALUE, taking into account equipment, market demand, condition, etc.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2003
Technical principleCycle press
Panel length mm3200
Panel width mm1000
Infeed length min mm500
Heating plates
Gluing aggregate
Glue systemEVA
Edge gluing press
CE marking
Total connection kW22
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusdismantled/ stored


* Angaben zu den Plattendimensionen beschreiben die maximal möglichen
* 1-, 2- oder 3-bahnige Arbeitsweise ist möglich.
* Für die genauen Ausstattungsdetails fordern Sie bitte die
Maschinenkarte bei uns an!

=== English ===
* Panel dimensions mean the maximum dimensions of the finished panel.
* Multiple length system with one, two or three timber lengths.
* For more information, please ask for the "machine card".