Article number: 56793

Unfortunately, the machine is no longer available. The below list offers relevant machines. You can also charge us with the research for a comparable machine.


Article no longer available

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2012
Working dimension X5000
Working dimension Y1000
Working dimension Z50
Main motor power kW4.4
Vertical drilling spindles13
Machine tableFeed-through technology
Special workpiece clamping systemclamp gripper

Further technical details

Machine controlPC control
Number of routing spindles1
Rotation speed max rpm17000
Tool clamping systemCollet
Horizontal drilling spindles in X4
Horizontal drilling spindles in Y2
Saw aggregatein X-direction
Total connection kW12
Required space LxWxH mm3701x2124x1700
Weight kg1700
AvailabilityWarehouse D-01665 Klipphausen
Operating statusdemonstration possible


* Arbeitsbereich X: theoretisch programmierbares Maß
* Arbeitsbereich Y: max. Plattenbreite
* Arbeitsbereich Z: max. Plattendicke

Diese Maschine haben wir technisch geprüft und das Bohrgetriebe
aufgearbeitet. Das Video zeigt die Maschine im aktuellen Zustand. Für
den Produktionseinsatz müssen noch Grundeinstellungen vorgenommen
und Werkzeuge eingerichtet werden.

=== English ===
* Working range X: theoretically programmable dimension
* Working range Y: max. panel width
* Working range Z: max. panel thickness

We checked this machine and refurbished the boring gears. The video
shows the machine in its current condition. For the use in the
production process, the basic settings must be made and the tools have
to be set.