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Cross-cut saw NARDELLO SOTOS + SC 1800 SPECIAL

mit Drehstation und Längs-Trennsäge

Article number: 57328

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2003
Technical designCross-cut saw
Cutting length mm1500
Cutting length crosswise mm1500
Saw blade projection mm55
Main motor power kW5.5
Jump scoring
Loading by vacuum lifter
Rotary device

Further technical details

Saw blade diameter max mm300
Scoring aggregate
AvailabilityFrom around January 2021
Operating statusstill in production use


* Bestandteil einer Zuschnittanlage für Arbeitsplatten, bestehend aus:
** TOMASSINI PORTAL 200 /11/44 - Flächenlager - Artikel 57327
** NARDELLO SOTOS - Querschnittsäge - Artikel 57328
** Längs-Trennsäge/ Mittelschnittsäge
* Die Komplette Anlage finden Sie unter

== English ==
* Part of a cutting line for work tops, consisting of:
** TOMASSINI automatic paneal store PORTAL 200/11/14 see
** NARDELLO transversal cutting saw SOTOS see
** NARDELLO turning device GIRTI PEZZI
** Longitudinal cutting saw SC 1800 SPECIAL see
* The complete line you will find under