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This item is already sold.

Dowel drilling machine VITAP FOREX 24

Mit Beschlagbohren/-einsetzen - with hinge drilling and insertion

Article number: 58749



This item is already sold.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture1996
Boring spindles21
32 mm gridYes
Drilling block pivotablepneumatic
Insert fittingsYes
Table width mm750
Boring stroke max mm90
Workpiece clampingpneumatic
Pneumatic clamping2
Workpiece supportplain table
Boring depth adjustmentFine adjustment screw
Weight kg485
AvailabilityDE-01665 Klipphausen


* Mit Spezialbohrvorrichtung für Standard-Hettichbeschläge und
Beschlageinsetzeinrichtung (ohne Matrize)

=== English ===
- With special drilling unit for standardised Hettich hinges
and hinge insertion press unit (without matrix)