Article number: 62932

Unfortunately, the machine is no longer available. The below list offers relevant machines. You can also charge us with the research for a comparable machine.


Article no longer available

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2014
Working dimension X2500
Working dimension Y800
Number of separate aggregates1
Borer vertical4
Horizontal drills in X2
Groove sawYes

Further technical details

Machine controlTouchscreen
Working dimension Z50
Stationary machineYes
Clamping systemGripper
Required space LxWxH mm2200x1550x1550
Weight kg705
AvailabilityWarehouse D-01665 Klipphausen
Operating statusbasic functions can be shown


* Alle Bohrer vertikal und horizontal in X einsetzbar über
4-fach Werkzeugrevolver
* Arbeitsbereich X theoretisch unbegrenzt.

=== English ===
* Working range X theoretically unlimited.
* All drill bits are in a tool revolver with 4 spindles and a
saw. So all drill bits can be used either vertically or
horizontally in X.