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This item is already sold.

Article number: 63464

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture1996
Cutting length mm4300
Pusher stroke mm4300
Saw blade projection mm125
Main motor power kW13.5

Further technical details

Machine controlHOLZMA CADMATIC 3.0
HOLZMA | HOMAG pneumatic edging stopsYes
Double-sided side-alignerYes
Number of grippers7
Feedrate max m/min125
Continuously variable feedYes
Scoring aggregateYes
Veneer-edging stopsYes
Stop sideRight side
AvailabilityDE-97447 Gerolzhofen
Operating statusstill in production use


Diese Maschine stammt von einem Möbel-Innenausbauer aus Gerolzhofen.
Sie hat rund 12000 Betriebsstunden und wird wegen der Anschaffung
einer Neumaschine frei. Die Maschine ist aktuell weiterhin im
Produktionseinsatz, wurde regelmäßig von Homag geserviced und sie ist
voll funktionstüchtig.

Achtung: Der konkrete Zeitpunkt der Demontage ist abhängig von der
Lieferung der Neumaschine, Lieferzeitpunkt laut Hersteller ist August

Videoupdate: 4.6.2018

=== English ===
This machine comes from a interior designer from Gerolzhofen. It has
about 12000 operating hours and it is sold due to the purchase of a
new machine. The machine is currently still in production, has been
serviced regularly by Homag and is fully functional.

Attention: The exact date of dismantling depends on the delivery of
the new machine, according to the manufacturer the delivery date is
August 2019.

Videoupdate: 4th June 2019

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology WOOD TEC PEDIA



Frequently produced beamsaw from HOLZMA with a saw blade projection of 125mm and as technical type HPP also with front loading.
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source: HOLZMA