5-axes CNC router with edgebanding IMA BIMA 400V /R/145/400 5-Achs+Kante

auch Gehrungskante, 1300 Stunden / inclined edgebanding, 1300 hours

Article number: 63532

Unfortunately, the machine is no longer available. The below list offers relevant machines. You can also charge us with the research for a comparable machine.


Article no longer available

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2010
Working dimension X4000
Working dimension Y1600
Working dimension Z300
Main motor power kW16
5th axis5-axes spindle
4th axisYes
Tool changing positions18
Vertical drilling spindles17
Edgebanding aggregateSeperate Y-axis
Machine tablePod and rail table
Self-adjusting machine tableYes
Special workpiece clamping systemFor narrow workpieces

Further technical details

Machine controlIMA ICOS OPEN 231
IMA Dynapoint Yes
Workpiece support aids Yes
Remote control Yes
Milling spindle liquid-cooled Yes
Control cabinet cooling Yes
Automatic central lubrication Yes
IMA VT 100 Yes
Number of routing spindles1
Independent Z-axes2
Rotation speed max rpm24000
Torque supportYes
Tool clamping systemHSK-F63
Number of exchangeable units4
Horizontal drilling spindles in X4
Horizontal drilling spindles in Y4
Saw aggregateUnit, changeable
Edgeband height max mm104
Places in coil magazine3
Gantry machineYes
Number of consoles8
Vacuum pumpYes
Capacity vacuum pump m³/h288
Interface for .dxf dataYes
Safety deviceShut-off mat
Chip conveyorYes
Declaration of CE-conformityYes
Total connection kW39
Weight kg12000
AvailabilityWarehouse D-01665 Klipphausen
Operating statusbasic functions can be shown
Conditionvery good


* Verleimteil VT 100/100 mit eigener Z-Achse und manuell verstellbarer
A-Achse (0-45°)
* 2-fach Kantenmagazin vertikal + 1-fach Kantenmagazin horizontal
* Geeignet für PUR Kleber, inkl. zusätzlichem Auftragsaggregat
* Wechselaggregate HSK-F63:
- Sägeaggregat fix, D=280 mm
- Nutsägeaggregat horizontal mit Tasteinrichtung (z.B. für
- Kombiaggregat Kantennachbearbeitung Radiusfräsen/Ziehklinge R=2mm
- Kombiaggregat Kantennachbearbeitung Fasefräsen/Ziehklinge 45°
* Arbeitsbereich: max. Werkstückabmessungen für Fräsen und Kante
anleimen inklusive Spannmitteln lt. Herstellerangaben.

=== English: ===
* Edgebanding unit with own Z-axis and manually adjustable
A-axis (0-45°)
* Vertical edgeband magazine for 2 coils
* Horizontal edgeband magazine for 1 coil
* Suitable for PUR glue, additional application unit included
* Tool change aggregates HSK-F63:
- Saw aggregate stationary, D=280 mm
- Horizontal grooving aggregate with tracing (e.g. for Lamello joints)
- Combination aggregate edge processing radius milling/scraping R=2mm
- Combination aggregate edge processing chamfer milling/scraping 45°
* Working range: max. workpiece dimensions for routing and edgebanding
including clamps, according to manufacturer´s confirmation of order.

* Für die genauen Ausstattungsdetails fordern Sie bitte die
Maschinenkarte bei uns an!

=== English ===
* For more information, please ask for the "machine card".