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Saw line PAUL CGL & AB-MA

Zuschnitt- und Optimierungsanlage PAUL CGL + AB-MA + 2 PAUL C11 MKL

Article number: 64885

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2012
Sorting deviceYes
Optimization cross-cut sawYes
Multirip sawYes
Required space LxWxH mm36000x18000
Weight kg30370
Availabilityshort-term, ex location


bestehend aus:
* halbautomatischer Beschickungsanlage PAUL AB-MA
* Mehrblattkreissäge PAUL CGL
* Querabräumtisch
* Markiertische
* Puffer- und Beschickungseinrichtung mit CNC-Steuerung "Maxi 6"
* 2x CNC-Kappanlage mit separater Messstation PAUL C11 MKL
* Sortierung

=== English ===
consisting of:
* semi-automatic feeder PAUL AB-MA
* circular rip saw PAUL CGL
* sorting system
* distribution for marking the defects working station
* Buffering and automatic switch for cross cut (CNC control "Maxi 6")
* 2x CNC-cut-off-saw with separate measuring station PAUL C11 MKL
* sorting table

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology WOOD TEC PEDIA



Circular rip saw, conceived for cutting solid wood and cut surfaces ready for gluing. Upgrade 2017 The newly developed, flexible ripsaw CGL, which is especially in connection to feeding systems...
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