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Angle plant HOLZMA HKL 380 /43/22/R/D Profi + Router

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Article number: 65909

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60.000,- €
89.000,- €
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Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2011
Technical designAngle plant
Cutting length mm4300
Cutting length crosswise mm2200
Saw blade projection mm95
Main motor power kW18
Rotary devicein the Machine table

Further technical details

SoftwareHOLZMA Material-dependent parameters
HOMAG Finishing cut milling aggregateYes
Waste flapYes
HOLZMA combiLineYes
HOLZMA Central side alignerYes
HOLZMA | HOMAG Machine table with air nozzles throughoutYes
HOLZMA Integrated head cut deviceYes
HOLZMA Power ConceptYes
HOLZMA Speed ConceptYes
Width of lifting table mm2200
Number of grippers21
Feedrate max m/min150
Continuously variable feedYes
Panel thickness min mm8
Saw blade diameter max mm380
Scoring aggregateMotoric adjustment
Separately programmable pushers2
For sensible workpiecesYes
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusstill connected
Conditionvery good


* Frässpindel 10 kW für Nachschnitte direkt an der Längssäge
* Automatische bedüste Abfallklappe, Alu-eloxiert
* Automatischer Einzelteileauszug nach der Quersäge
* 2 Hacker HRZ 540
* Hochempfindliche-Oberflächen-Paket
* Kühlaggregat
* Beschickung über Rollenbahnen von hinten seitlich

== English ==
* Router 10 kW for finishing cut directly on the first saw
* Automatic jetted waste flap, aluminium-eloxated
* Automatic single-part outfeed after cross cut
* 2 chippers HRZ 540
* Optional package for highly sensitive surfaces
* Cooling unit
* Loading via roller conveyors from rear-sideways