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Article number: 66939

Price range

12.000,- €
19.000,- €
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Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2000
Working dimension X6000
Working dimension Y1200
Working dimension Z100
Main motor power kW7.5
4th axisC-axis
Tool changing positions18
Vertical drilling spindles14
Edgebanding aggregateSeperate Y-axis
Machine tablePod and rail table

Further technical details

SoftwareIMA IMAWOP 3.0
Workpiece support aidsYes
hand-controlled machineYes
Number of routing spindles1
Independent Z-axes2
Rotation speed max rpm18000
Torque supportYes
Tool clamping systemHSK-F63
Number of exchangeable units2
Horizontal drilling spindles in X4
Horizontal drilling spindles in Y2
Saw aggregate90° turnable
Edgeband height max mm44
Places in coil magazine2
Cantilever machineYes
Number of consoles8
4-field processingYes
Vacuum pumpYes
Capacity vacuum pump m³/h250
Safety deviceSafety mat
Chip conveyorYes
Declaration of CE-conformityYes
AvailabilityWarehouse D-01665 Klipphausen
Operating statusdismantled/ stored


* Aggregate HSK-F63:
- Säge-/Kappaggregat
- Kantennachbearbeitung Radiusfräsen

=== English ===
* Aggregates HSK-F63:
- Saw aggregate
- aggregate edge processing radius milling