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Article number: 68637

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture1996
Edgeband thickness max mm8
Thickness of coiled edgeband max mm3
Feedrate max m/min11
Suitable for PUR glueYes
Corner rounding unit1 motor
Scraper unitProfile scraper
Aggregates actuated by controlpneumatic
Machine length mm4500

Further technical details

Machine controlHOLZ-HER SPK 180
HOLZ-HER 1901Yes
HOLZ-HER 1906Yes
HOLZ-HER 1918Yes
HOLZ-HER 1942Yes
HOLZ-HER 1925Yes
HOLZ-HER 1983Yes
HOLZ-HER 1964Yes
HOLZ-HER 1944Yes
Edgeband height max mm51
Workpiece length min mm180
Workpiece width min mm60
Glue system cartridgeYes
Trimming saw2 motors
Flush/radius/chamfer milling units1
Buffing unitYes
Typeleft-side machine
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusdismantled/ stored