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Article number: 69547

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2000
Working dimension X2850
Working dimension Y1400
Working dimension Z80
Main motor power kW11
5th axis
4th axisC-axis
Tool changing positions16
Lock recess milling aggregatedouble-sided
Machine tableFeed-through technology
Special workpiece clamping systemFor doors

Further technical details

Machine controlBWO CNC 900-C
Milling spindle liquid-cooled
Chain changer
Automatic central lubrication
Number of milling spindles8
Rotation speed max rpm17000
Torque support
Tool clamping systemISO 40
Cantilever machine
Vacuum pump
Capacity vacuum pump m³/h120
Interface for .dxf data
FeedingRoller table
Safety deviceenclosed fence
Chip conveyor
Weight kg8600
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusstill in production use


Aggregate am Support:
* Hauptspindel: Schwenkachse +-90° (A-Achse) und Drehachse 360°(C-
Achse), jedoch nicht für 5-Achs-Bearbeitungen geeignet.
* Zusatzspindel: 3-Achs-Spindel
* Schlosskastenfräsaggregat horizontal
* 5 Stck. Fräs-/Bohraggregate am Maschinentisch

Aggregates on the support:
- Main spindle: tilt axis +-90° (A-axis) and swivel axis 390° (C-
axis), spindle can't be used for regular 5-axis machining.
- Secondary spindle: 3-axis
- Lock-case-milling aggregate, horizontal
- 5 pcs. Milling-/boring aggregates, mounted on the machine table