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This item is already sold.

Article number: 69866



This item is already sold.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture1998
Working dimension X1200
Working dimension Y800
Number of separate aggregates1
Horizontal drills in Y1
Dowel insertionYes

Further technical details

Working dimension Z40
Dowel insertion aggregates1
Dowel diameter mm10
Dowel length max mm40
Total connection kW3.5
Required space LxWxH mm2030x1500x2200
Weight kg1200
AvailabilityAT-4563 Micheldorf
Operating statusin working order


Diese Maschine steht demontiert bei einem Partner-Unternehmen in
Österreich. Sie wurde im Zuge einer Neumaschinen-Lieferung
zurückgenommen und hat bis zuletzt in der Produktion gearbeitet.

=== English ===
This machine is in disassembled status at a partner company in
Austria. It was taken back due to a delivery of a new machine and has
been working in production until the end.