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Finger jointing line DIMTER HK 400 L-260

für Lamellen & Balken / for lamellas & beams

Article number: 70333

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture1990
Technical designPackage system
Workpiece width max mm250
Workpiece thickness max mm220
Infeed length max mm6000
Package width mm400
Pressing length mm14000
Optimization cross-cut sawYes
Milling machineDouble-sided milling machine
Conveyor/ separatorfully automatic
PressCycle press

Further technical details

Horizontal jointYes
Vertical jointYes
Number of milling units2
Infeed length min mm900
Total pressure kg80000
Capacity of router cycles/min5
Moisture measurementYes
Milling feedMoulding aggregate mobile
Gluing with rollersYes
Press length separableYes
Main motor power kW25
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusstill connected


Aufbau der Anlage:
* Abstapelmaschine
* Querförderer mit Vereinzelung
* Kappsäge PAUL
* Querförderer mit Pakettierung
* Keilzinkenfräse DIMTER
* Querförderer mit Vereinzelung und Wendestation
* Vorschubgerät für Presse
* Taktpresse, technische Daten:
- 40 to Presskraft, stufenlos regelbar
- 80 to Spannkraft, stufenlos regelbar
* Längenmessgerät und Kappsäge
* Auswurfbahn mit Ablage

=== English ===
Layout of the finger jointing line:
* Destacking machine
* Cross conveyor with separator
* Cross cut saw PAUL
* Cross conveyor with batch preparation
* Finger joint mill for two batches
* Cross conveyor with separator and turning station
* Infeeder for press
* Cycle press, technical details:
- 40 to press force, stepless adjustment
- 80 to tension force, stepless adjustment
* Length measuring and cross cut saw
* Outfeed conveyor with unloading