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This item is already sold.

Article number: 71663

Technical specifications

Technically inspected machine

This machine has been checked by our technicians. Read more in the attached Inspection report.

Year of manufacture2000
Working dimension X1250
Number of separate aggregates1
Vertical drills1
Horizontal drills in Y1
Dowel insertionYes

Further technical details

GANNOMAT Glue Insert Control G.I.C.Yes
Dowel insertion aggregates1
Dowel diameter mm8
Dowel length max mm60
Main motor power kW0.75
Stationary machineYes
4-field processingYes
Alternate loadingYes
Clamping systemPneumatic clamping
Safety deviceenclosed cabin
Weight kg885
AvailabilityDE-01665 Klipphausen
Operating statusdemonstration possible