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Article number: 71789

Price range

17.000,- €
25.000,- €
Non-binding, individually verified price information based on market prices from WOOD TEC VALUE, taking into account equipment, market demand, condition, etc.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2011
Pressing length mm2240
Pressing width mm1240
Workpiece thickness max mm180
Technical principleOnly vacuum

Further technical details

Number of tables1
Total pressure t200
Temperature max °C150
Main motor power kW31.5
Feed-through technologyYes
Foil width min mm1400
Heating platesOnly top
Total connection kW25
Required space LxWxH mm5775x2350x2250
Weight kg7500
Availabilityshort-term, ex location


* Es können Elemente mit bis zu 180 mm Höhe verspresst werden.
Vorgesehen ist dann der Einsatz von zusätzlichen Flanschen.

===== English =====
- The press can process elements of a max. height of 180 mm
when you use the additional flanges to extpand the height.