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This item is not available anymore.

SCHUKO ZF 2020/25

Dust extraction
Article number: 72528



This item is not available anymore.

Article details

ModelZF 2020/25
MachinetypeDust extraction
Year of manufacture1996
Availabilityon request

Technical specifications

Filter surface m2875
Flow rate m3/h59180
Underpressure Pa3033
Underpressure system
Star feeder

Number of fans4
Filter tube diameter mm160
Length of filter hose mm2500
Intake socket mm450
Main motor power kW77
Full enclosure
Frequency converter
Extinguishing tube
OutfeedSilo loading
PLC control
Operating statusdismantled/ stored


5 Ventilatoren:
* D=300 - 11 kW
* D=450 - 22 kW
* D=450 - 22 kW
* D=450 - 30 kW
* D=450 - 22 kW