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This item is already sold.

Belt conveyor LIGMATECH MTB 200 /80/08

Article number: 73026



This item is already sold.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2010
Conveying length mm16000
Working width mm800
Longitudinal conveyorYes
Fix working height mm700
Belt conveyorYes
Feedrate max m/min4.5
Continuously variable feedYes
Total connection kW1.1
Required space LxWxH mm16000x908x700
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusdismantled/ stored


* Die Arbeitshöhe ist anpassbar, ab Werk auf 700 mm eingestellt.
* bestehend aus zwei Förderbändern
** Länge jeweils 8.000 mm
** Vorschubgeschwindigkeit jeweils 1,5 bis 4,5 m/min

* The working height ist adjustable, adjusted at 700 mm by factory
* consisting of two belt conveyors
** length each 8,000 mm
** feed speed conveyor each 1.5 untill 4.5 m/min