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Article number: 73175


Price on request

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2006
Cutting height max mm100
Infeed length max mm5000
Cutting width min mm20
Cutting width max mm200
Cutting height min mm10
Distance between cuts min mm150
Saw blade diameter max mm350
Main motor power kW2.2
Cycle time s10
Programmable stopYes
List cuttingYes
Saw aggregate turnableYes
Weight kg1500
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusnot connected


* Daten und Ausstattung entsprechend der Serienausführung wie im
Herstellerprospekt beschrieben. Die technische Daten und die
Ausstattung der hier angebotenen Maschine können abweichen.

== English ==
* Data and properties according to the standard model as described in
the producer's brochure. The technical data and the equipment of the
here offered machine may differ.