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Article number: 74251

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture1995
Working dimension X7500
Working dimension Y1300
Working dimension Z220
Main motor power kW8
Tool changing positions8
Gantry machineMoving gantry machine
Machine tablePod and rail table
Positioning aidYes

Further technical details

Machine controlBWO CNC 787
Laser setup aidYes
Number of routing spindles1
Rotation speed max rpm17000
Tool clamping systemISO 40
Horizontal drilling spindles in X2
Horizontal drilling spindles in Y2
Number of consoles14
Vacuum pumpNo
Safety deviceBumper
AvailabilityFrom around May 2020
Operating statusstill in production use


* Horizonales Bohren über ein separates, drehbares Aggregat
* Auf Fotos abgebildete Werkzeuge und Werkzeugaufnahmen gehören
zum Lieferumfang.

- Horizontal drilling via separate, revolving aggregate
- Tools and toolholders shown on pictures, are included.