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Mould press KLEIMANN

Article number: 74328


Price range

8.000,- €
12.000,- €
Non-binding, individually verified price information based on market prices from WOOD TEC VALUE, taking into account equipment, market demand, condition, etc.

Technical specifications

Pressing length mm2200
Pressing width mm550
Number of daylights1
Daylight opening mm1000
Bottom pistonYes
Lateral pistonYes
Cold pressYes
Pressing forcehydraulic
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusstill connected


Formteile sind im Lieferumfang enthalten.
Die Presse kann von drei Seiten her Druck über den Radius hinaus
ausüben, das erlaubt das Pressen von langen U-förmigen Formteilen.

Press-moulds are included in the delivery scope.
Press can apply pressure from 3 sides past the radius,
that allows to press long U-shaped pieces.