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Article number: 74693

Price range

15.000,- €
21.000,- €
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Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2007
Sanding width mm1350
Sanding aggregates total3
Sanding rollers2
Steel rollerYes
Vacuum tableYes
Sanding belt length mm2620

Further technical details

Passage height max mm160
Sanding pads1
Cleaning brushYes
Air cushion padYes
Main motor power kW22
Belt speed max m/s18
Adjustable sanding belt speedstepwise
Feedrate max m/min20
Continuously variable feedYes
Blow-off deviceSanding belt
Number of frequency inverters1
Configuration of aggregatesr-r-p
Side of belt changeLeft
Total connection kW55
Required space LxWxH mm2360x2050x2415
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusstill in production use


Motorstärke der Aggregate:
* Stahlwalze 22 kW
* Gummiwalze 15 kW
* Luftkissenschuh 11 kW

Power of aggregates:
- Steel roller 22 kW
- Rubber roller 15 kW
- Air cushion pad 11 kW