Accessories, toolholders and clamps for CNC SCHMALZ MECHANISCHE SPANNER VCMC-K1 154x128x100

Article number: 75251

Unfortunately, the machine is no longer available. The below list offers relevant machines. You can also charge us with the research for a comparable machine.



Article no longer available


Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2013
Suitable forHomag (old)
Clamping height mm40
Clamping width mm50
Clamping systemvacuum, seperate tube
Weight kg2
AvailabilityWarehouse D-01665 Klipphausen


* Verkaufseinheit umfasst 2 Stück gebrauchte Vakuumbetätigte
Spannelemente zum Spannen von Leisten bzw. Kanteln geeignet für
Konsolentische Weeke, Homag
* Einspanntiefe max. 50mm, Werstückdicke 12-40mm

=== English ===
* One sales unit contains of 2 pcs. used vacuum operated clamps for
the clamping of battens and other long, narrow workpieces on bars and
pods tables from Weeke and Homag.
* Clamping depth max. 50 mm, workpiece thickness 12-40 mm.