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Article number: 75458

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2001
Cutting length mm4300
Pusher stroke mm4300
Saw blade projection mm125
Main motor power kW18
Jump scoringYes
Lifting tablefrom behind

Further technical details

SoftwareHOLZMA Label software
Machine controlHOLZMA CADMATIC 3.0
Double-sided side-alignerYes
HOLZMA 2-fingered grippersYes
Control of cutting lengthsYes
HOLZMA Label printerYes
Cut-out functionYes
HOLZMA Air cushion table 2160 x 650 mmYes
HOLZMA Micro-infeedYes
HOLZMA VVSH - Soft-/ postformingYes
Width of lifting table mm2200
Number of grippers10
Feedrate max m/min130
Continuously variable feedYes
Saw blade diameter max mm450
Scoring aggregateMotoric adjustment
Groove cutting functionYes
Label printerYes
Veneer-edging stopsYes
For sensible workpiecesClamping pressure adjustable
Stop sideRight side
Total connection kW29
Required space LxWxH mm9690x7064x
Weight kg10900
AvailabilityWarehouse D-01665 Klipphausen
Operating statusdismantled/ stored


* Sonderprogramm ermöglicht Einschub von 5500 mm Tischlerplatten
* Special program allows insertion of 5500 mm panels

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology WOOD TEC PEDIA



Frequently produced panel sizing machines by HOLZMA with 125 mm saw blade protrusion and in the HPL edition with lift table feed.
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source: HOLZMA