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Article number: 75839

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2018
Sanding width mm1350
Sanding aggregates total3
Sanding rollers1
Steel rollerYes
Combination unit1
Segmental pressure padelectronic
Lacquer sandingYes
Vacuum tableYes
Constant passline heightYes
Sanding belt length mm2620

Further technical details

HEESEMANN Effect sandingYes
Cleaning brush for conveyor beltYes
Workpiece thickness min mm3
Passage height max mm160
Sanding pads total2
Cleaning brushYes
Main motor power kW15
Belt speed max m/s20
Adjustable sanding belt speedcontinuously variable
Feedrate max m/min15
Continuously variable feedYes
Blow-off deviceSanding belt
Jump-in controlYes
Aggregates with frequency inverters4
Cross belt speed adjustablecontinuously variable
Configuration of aggregatess-c-p-u
Chevron belt unitlongitudinal
Side of belt changeRight side
AvailabilityFrom around February 2020
Operating statusstill in production use


* Die Breite der Steuerrollen des Segmentschleifschuh's beträgt 21 mm.
* Aggregatekonfiguration:
1. Aggregat: Querschleifen, 15 kW, Schleifbandgeschwindigkeit
stufenlos regelbar zwischen 2 und 20 m/s, CSD Segmentschleifschuh
2. Aggregat: Schleifschuh und Stahl-Schleifwalze für leichte
Kalibrierarbeiten, Drehrichtungsumkehr, 15 kW,
Schleifbandgeschwindigkeit stufenlos regelbar zwischen 1,8 und 18 m/s,
CSD Segmentschleifschuh
3. Aggregat: Superfinish-/ Drucklamellenband-Aggregat, 15 kW,
Schleifbandgeschwindigkeit stufenlos regelbar zwischen 1,8 und 18 m/s
ohne Drucklamellenband und zwischen 1,8 und 9 m/s mit
Drucklamellenband, CSD Segmentschleifschuh
4. Aggregat: Entstaubungsbürste, 0,75 kW, D = 120 mm; Diese kann mit
einer Anderlon-Strukturierbürste ersetzt werden (Aufpreis, bei
Interesse bitte bei uns anfragen)

* The width of the sensing rollers of the segmented pad is 21 mm.
* Composition of working units:
1st unit: transversal sanding, 15 kW, sanding speed stepless
adjustable between 2 and 20 m/s, CSD segmented pad
2nd unit: sanding pad and steel sanding roller for light calibrating
works, turning rotation inversion, 15 kW, sanding speed stepless
adjustable between 1,8 and 18 m/s, CSD segmented pad
3rd unit: Superfinish-/ chevron belt unit, 15 kW, sanding speed
stepless adjustable between 1,8 an 9 m/s with chevron belt and
between 1,8 and 18 m/s w/o chevron belt, CSD segmented pad
4th unit: dedusting brush roller, 0,75 kW, D = 120 mm; which can
be substituted by a structuring brush (extra costs, please contact
us if interested)

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology WOOD TEC PEDIA



Successor model of the wide belt sander MFA 6 Impression from Heesemann. The machine can take on up to 4 sanding units and additional brushing units. Possible are solid wood processings, verneer-...
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