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This item is not available anymore.

Article number: 76438



This item is not available anymore.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture1977
Number of spindles3
Working width mm760
Planing height mm200
Table rollersYes
Feedrate max m/min23

Further technical details

Standard planer knifeYes
Motor power bottom spindle kW7.5
Motor power top spindle kW11
Depth of cut max mm15
Cutter per horizontal shaft4
Main motor power kW11
Electric height adjustmentYes
Cutter block exchangeableNo
Continuously variable feedYes
Feed motor kW3.1
Weight kg2700
Availabilityshort-term, ex location


Baujahr : 1977
Gewicht ca. kg : 2.700
* Vorschub 2,6 / 3,1 kW
* Motorstärken 7,5 / 11 / 11 kW
* Wellenanordnung unten-oben (Messerwellen fest eingebaut
mit jeweils 4 Messern) + Kehlwelle oben für Profilmesser oder
zum "Nachhobeln"