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Article number: 77259


20.000,- €

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture1998
Working dimension X6000
Working dimension Y1650
Working dimension Z900
Main motor power kW12
5th axis5-axes spindle
4th axisYes
Tool changing positions34
Machine tablePod and rail table

Further technical details

Machine controlNUM POWER 1060
Disc tool changerYes
Number of routing spindles1
Tool clamping systemHSK-F63
Saw aggregateUnit, changeable
Gantry machineMoving gantry machine
Number of consoles8
Vacuum pumpYes
Safety deviceSafety mat
Total connection kW26
AvailabilityFrom around January 2020 on
Operating statusstill connected


* Eventuell auf Fotos abgebildete mechanische Spannvorrichtungen,
Werkzeuge, Werkzeugaufnahmen und Aggregate gehören nicht zum
* Die technischen Daten sind z.T. geschätzt. Tatsächliche Werte können
ggf. abweichen.
* Der Wert bei Z=900 mm ist der Verfahrweg

=== English ===
* Mechanical clamps, tools, toolholders and aggregates, possibly shown
on pictures, are not included.
* Technical data are partly estimated. Actual values may vary.
* The value at Z=900 mm is the travel distance.