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Article number: 77730


Price range

20.000,- €
29.000,- €
Non-binding, individually verified price information based on market prices from WOOD TEC VALUE, taking into account equipment, market demand, condition, etc.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2010
Double-sided processingYes
Sanding width mm1350
Sanding aggregates total4
Sanding rollers4
Constant passline heightYes
Sanding belt length mm2620

Further technical details

Machine controlVIET SCS Synoptic Control System
Workpiece thickness min mm4
Passage height max mm160
Sanding belts bottom2
Cleaning brushYes
Availabilityon request
Operating statusstill in production use


* Konfiguration VALERIA 2CC unten:
** 1. Aggregat: Schleifwalze, 320 mm Durchmesser, Gummihärte 90° Shore