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Edgebanding combination line HOMAG KFR 24 /32/31/OA/30

Losgröße-1-Anlage mit umfangr. Mechanisierung / batch size 1

Article number: 78166

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2002
Working width max mm1800
Edgeband thickness max mm2
Corner rounding unit2 motors
Rotary deviceYes
Lengthwise processingYes

Further technical details

Batch size 1Yes
Working width min mm90
Edgeband height max mm45
Thickness of coiled edgeband max mm2
Feedrate max m/min30
Continuously variable feedYes
Automatic feedingVacuum
Automatic destackingVacuum
Glue systemPremelting unit
Multi-coil magazineYes
Places in coil magazine24
2 seperate machinesOne after another
Spraying deviceYes
Transversal processingYes
CE markingYes
AvailabilityFrom around April 2020
Operating statusstill in production use


* BARGSTEDT PROFI TBH19 Beschickanlage mit automatischem Scanner
* Einschleusstation
* BARGSTEDT TD31 Dreheinrichtung
* HOMAG POWER KFR24 Kantenanleimmaschine
-inklusive Übergabestation von Maschine 1 zu 2
* BARGSTEDT TD51 Dreheinrichtung
* Ausschleusstation
* BARGSTEDT PROFI TSH19 Abstapelanlage

Main components:
* BARGSTEDT PROFI TBH19 loading system with automatic scanner
* infeed station
* BARGSTEDT TD51 rotary device
* HOMAG POWER KFR24 edge banding machine
-including transfer station from machine 1 to 2
* BARGSTEDT TD51 rotary device
* removal station
* BARGSTEDT PROFI TSH19 stacking system