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Article number: 79281


* Sekundäre Frässpindel mit 7,5 kW, ohne C-Achse
* Horizontal Bohraggregat um 90° schwenkbar in X oder Y
* Verleimaggregat VT 50 mit Kappsäge, Stoßkantenverleimung und
IR-Strahler für kleine Radien
* Bündigfräs- und Ziehklingen Wechselaggregat
* Nutsägenaggregat
* 2x Schmalteilspanner
* Eventuell auf Fotos abgebildete Werkzeuge, Werkzeugaufnahmen und
Aggregate gehören nicht komplett zum Lieferumfang.

- Secondary spindle with 7,5 kW, without C-axis
- Horizontal drilling aggregate can be turned by 90° in X or Y
- Edgebanding aggregate VT 50 with trimming saw, butt-joint edge
gluing and IR-radiator for softening edges for small radii
- Flush milling and edge scraper aggregate
- Grove saw aggregate
- 2x clamps for narrow pieces
- Tools, toolholders and aggregates, possibly shown on pictures, are
not necessarily included.

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology WOOD TEC PEDIA



The BIMA 310/V was a CNC-machining centre with edge gluing unit. The machine has been performed in the cantilever type and thought to be a cheap alternative to BIMA 410/V. Both models differ...
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