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Article number: 80538

Price range

25.000,- €
35.000,- €
Non-binding, individually verified price information based on market prices from WOOD TEC VALUE, taking into account equipment, market demand, condition, etc.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2002
Working width mm230
Planing height mm150
Number of spindles8
Universal spindle
Spindle configurationb-r-l-r-l-t-b-uni
Spindle rotation speed max 1/min6000
Motoric adjustmentPlaning height
Infeed table length mm2000
Table rollersdriven
Feedrate max m/min24
Type of feed roller driveCardanic

Further technical details

Bottom spindles2
Right spindles2
Spindles left2
Spindles top1
Spindle diameter mm40
Main motor power kW7.36
Seperate motor per spindle
Lubrication pumpautomatic
Pneumatic top pressure
Continuously variable feed
Feed motor kW3.68
CE marking
Availabilityon request


* Motorenkonfiguration:
u: 5,52 kW
r: 5,52 kW
l: 7,36 kW
r: 5,52 kW
l: 5,52 kW
o: 7,36 kW
u: 7,36 kW
uni: 7,36 kW

=== English ===
* motor configuration:
bt: 5,52 kW
rh: 5,52 kW
lh: 7,36 kW
rh: 5,52 kW
lh: 5,52 kW
tp: 7,36 kW
bt: 7,36 kW
uni: 7,36 kW

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology WOOD TEC PEDIA



Standard planing width 230mm 4 up to max. 8 spindles in various order Option Model 831 with 8 spindles and planing width 310mm
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