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This item is not available anymore.

Automatic wood turning lathe GENINI KAFIRO ACW 90

Article number: 80683


This item is not available anymore.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture1980
Point width mm900
Turning diameter max mm250
Copying length900
Copying supports3
Rotation speed steps6
Pre-cutting support
Copying from template workpiece
Copying from template
Availabilityon request
Operating statusdismantled/ stored


* Baujahr geschätzt
* Daten und Ausstattung entsprechend der Serienausführung wie im
Herstellerprospekt beschrieben. Die technische Daten und die
Ausstattung der hier angebotenen Maschine können abweichen.

=== English ===
* year of manufacture estimated
* Data and properties according to the standard model as described
in the producer's brochure. The technical data and the equipment of
the here offered machine may differ.