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This item is not available anymore.

Feed-through boring line MORBIDELLI FM 660 + Zenith S2A

+ Tomassini Rapid 100 C + Rapid 100 SC

Article number: 80850

Price range

This item is not available anymore.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2004
Feed-through lineYes
Machine configuration in a line2 seperate machines
Boring supports top-down6
Boring supports bottom-up4
Horizontal boring supports4
Dowel insertionYes

Further technical details

SoftwareSCM XILOG 3
Machine controlPC control
Working width max mm3100
Working depth mm800
Passage height max mm40
Grid 32 mmYes
Feedrate max m/min50
Continuously variable feedYes
Vertical supports total9
Drilling blocks per support2
Boring bars 90° pivotableYes
Boring spindles per support18
Seperately controlled spindlesYes
Dowel insertion aggregates8
Drilling unit for fittingscup hinge
Automatic feedingvacuum lifter
Automatic destackingvacuum lifter
CE markingYes
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusstill in production use


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