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This item is not available anymore.

Stacking and destacking device TOMASSINI RAPID 100 S

Article number: 80853



This item is not available anymore.

Technical specifications

Workpiece length max mm3200
Workpiece length min mm300
Workpiece width max mm1300
Application rangePanels
Vacuum lifter

Further technical details

Workpiece width min mm200
Workpiece thickness max mm60
Workpiece thickness min mm10
Package width max mm1300
Package height max mm1600
Carrying capacity kg70
Capacity cycles/min22
Workpiece infeed viaCross conveyor
Unloading of workpiecespanel pile
Unloading onRoller tables
CE marking
Total connection kW6.2
Weight kg2700
Availabilityon request
Operating statusstill in production use


* Dieser Artikel ist Teil einer Bohranlage (unsere Artikelnummer
80850) und nicht separat verkäuflich
Die technischen Daten sind teilweise Angaben aus dem
Herstellerprospekt. Tatsächliche Werte können ggf. abweichen.

=== English ===
Technical data are partly taken from manufacturer´s brochure.
Actual values may be different.
* This machine is part of a drilling line (our reference no. 80850)
and not for separate sale.