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inkl. WINNER Abstapelung / WINNER stacker

Article number: 80941

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2014
Cutting length mm5900
Pusher stroke mm3000
Saw blade projection mm152
Main motor power kW22
Lift tableFrom behind-sidewise
Rotary devicein the Machine table

Further technical details

Machine controlBIESSE OSI
Side alignment
Turntable in beamsaws
Head aligner
Number of grippers9
Feedrate max m/min185
Continuously variable feed
Scoring aggregate
Label printer
Automatic destacking
Stop sideLeft
CE marking
Total connection kW48
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusdismantled/ stored


Baujahr geschätzt/ year of manufacture estimated
aktuell verknüpft mit Beschick- und Abstapelgerät BIESSE WINNER
(Details und Fotos im Artikel: 81239)
Verkauf getrennt möglich

* Baujahr geschätzt
* Die technischen Daten sind teilweise Angaben aus dem
Herstellerprospekt. Tatsächliche Werte können ggf. abweichen.

=== English ===
currently linked to the BIESSE WINNER loading and stacking device
(details and photos in article: 81239)
Can be sold separately

* Year of manufacture estimated
* Technical data are partly taken from manufacturer´s brochure.
Actual values may be different.