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CNC machining centre BRE.MA. VEKTOR 25 -17 2R10 + 2 MI

2016 Überholung+neue Steuerung// 2016 overhaul + new control + loader

Article number: 80961

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2008
Working dimension X2500
Working dimension Y1700
Working dimension Z80
Tool changing positions20
Vertical drilling spindles15
Machine tableFeed-through technology
Dowel insertion
Working area vertical

Further technical details

Number of milling spindles2
Horizontal drilling spindles in X2
Saw aggregateUnit, changeable
FeedingHedgehog magazine
OutfeedConveyor belt
Insert fittings
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusstill connected


* 2019 wurde die Grundmaschine überholt und die Anlage komplett neu
installiert, mit einem Igelpuffer, neuester Softwareversion und neuem
Steuerungscomputer versehen

* In 2019, the basic machine was reconditioned and installed as a
completely new line with new "hedgehog" buffer, newest software
version and new control computer