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Ground roller table FORMEC 2 R.M. - Pre Carico

Article number: 80978

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2018
Total length m128
Width mm1000
Number of roller tables28
Rail cart2
Transversally mobileYes
Availabilityshort-term, ex location
Operating statusstill in production use


* Angetriebene Rollenbahn:
8 Stk. 3500mm x 1000mm
* Einfache Rollenbahn:
20 Stk. 5000mm x 600mm
* zwei angetriebene Wagen auf Schienen zum Querfahren.

=== ENGLISH ===
* Powered roller conveyor:
8 pcs. 3500mm x 1000mm
* simple roller conveyor:
20 pcs. 5000mm x 600mm
* two driven carriages on rails for transverse travel.