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This item is not available anymore.

Article number: 81087



This item is not available anymore.

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2005
Opening width mm680
Passage height max mm1300
Closing of cardboard boxes
Workpiece length min mm300
Workpiece length max mm1200
Number of top rollers1
Number of bottom rollers1
Aggregates total2
Aggregates longitudinal2
Feed-through technology
Feedrate max m/min17
Infeed automatically
Total connection kW11.68
Required space LxWxH mm6100x2300x4300
Availabilityon request


* Anlage zum Verschließen von Pappkartons mittels Klebestreifen oben
und unten, bestehend aus einem ca. 4 m langen Einlauf-Förderband mit
Zentriervorrichtung und dem Portal für das Setzen der Klebestreifen
* Platzbedarf: grob ausgemessene Angabe
* Kapazität: ca. 2,5 Pakete/min

=== English ===
* plant for the closing of cardboard packages via adhesive tape top
and bottom consisting of an approximately 4 m long infeed belt
centering fences and the protal for the application of the tapes
* required space: roughly measured dimensions
* capacity: appr. 2.5 parcels/min