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Article number: 81283



Price on request

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture1999
Panel length mm2300
Panel width mm1250
Pressure kg/cm²7.03
Automatic destacking
Feed out conveyor

Further technical details

Total pressure t210
Number of cylinders12
Daylight opening mm100
Operating temperature max °C125
Number of daylights8
Infeed belt conveyor
Programmable controller
Automatic loading station
Heating platesWater
AvailabilityFrom around July 2021
Operating statusstill in production use


* Diese Presse ist Bestandteil einer Fertigung für Türblätter (siehe
unsere Artikelnummer 80641) und derzeit nicht separat erhältlich.

* This press is part of a production line for door leaves (see our
reference no. 80641) and currently not available seperately.

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology WOOD TEC PEDIA



Continuous multi-deck press by Bürkle. Theese presses are solely used among other components in Bürkle System Solutions as part of a production line. Properties automatic pressing power...
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