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Article number: 81820

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2005
Cutting length mm4300
Pusher stroke mm4300
Saw blade projection mm125
Main motor power kW21
Jump scoring
Loading by vacuum lifter
Lift tablefrom behind
Rotary devicein the Machine table

Further technical details

SoftwareHOLZMA Material-dependent parameters
HOLZMA Micro-infeed
HOLZMA 2-fingered grippers
HOLZMA Speed Concept
HOLZMA Central side aligner
HOLZMA Outfeed fence
HOLZMA VVSH - Soft-/ postforming
HOLZMA Automatic grooving
HOLZMA Cut out and stress-release cut software
Width of lifting table mm2200
Number of grippers9
Feedrate max m/min150
Continuously variable feed
Saw blade diameter max mm450
Scoring aggregate
Groove cutting function
Label printer
For sensible workpieces
Speed control
Stop sideRight side
CE marking
AvailabilityFrom around November 2020
Operating statusstill in production use


* inklusive:
1 Stück Abstapelgerät Liftomat
1 Stück Etikettendrucker Pica
1 Stück Schwerlastrollenbahn neben Hubtisch
1 Stück Beschickgerät Bargstedt TBP ( zur Zeit außer Betrieb)

1 Destacking station Liftomat
1 label printer Pica
1 Heavy-duty roller table beside lifting table
1 Automatic feeder Bargstedt TBP (currently not in use)

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology WOOD TEC PEDIA



Beamsaw out of HOLZMA´s production series 5, used for industrial serial cutting With automatic feed via 4 column lifting table Superseded in around 2007 by HPL 530, HPL 550, HPL 570 Technical...
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source: HOLZMA