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CNC machining centre BIESSE KLEVER 2236 G FT

Mit / With / Con Express Pack

Article number: 82641

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2018
Working dimension X3811
Working dimension Y2189
Working dimension Z150
Main motor power kW9
Tool changing positions10
Gantry machineMoving gantry machine
Machine tableMatrix table
Suitable for nesting

Further technical details

Machine controlPC control
tool charge measurement
Automatic central lubrication
BIESSE Express pack
Multi-zone vacuum
Minimum lubrication
Enclosed drag chain
Remote control
Control cabinet cooling
Number of milling spindles1
Independent Z-axes1
Rotation speed max rpm24000
Tool clamping systemHSK-F63
Vacuum pump
Capacity vacuum pump m³/h500
Feedrate max m/min84
Interface for .dxf data
Safety deviceLight barrier
CE marking
Required space LxWxH mm6127x4575x2000
Weight kg2300
AvailabilityFrom around November 2020
Operating statusstill in production use


* Arbeitsbereich X,Y: Abmessungen des Arbeitstisches
* Arbeitsbereich Z: Werkstückdurchlass
* Minimalmengenschmierung für das Werkzeug zur Bearbeitung von
NE-Metallen und diversen Kunststoffen
* Express Pack für Vektorgeschwindigkeiten bis zu 84 m/min
* Working range X,Y: dimensions of the machine table
* Working range Z: workpiece passage
* Minimum lubrication of the tool for the processing of non-ferrous
metals and several plastics
* Express pack for vector speeds of up to 84 m/min