Our principles

Together stands for people, morale and solid values

Arriving stands for goals, success and economic stability

We are striving in our work to lay equal priority on each of these groups and experience how the human side as well as the business side can flourish.

Arriving together - with the staff

A family-like togetherness, fair, conductive work conditions and the security of job positions are more important to us than the maximization of revenue and profit. We′re counting on a respectful handling as well as harmony in the daily work life and maintain social relationships. Integrity, calmness, objectivity as well as concentration determine our communication and our actions. Permanent learning, the constant improvement of social cometences and the development of specialized abilities are basic prerequisites for a long-term collaboration determining satisfaction.

Arriving together - within the firm and within society

The long-term marketing participation is mor eimportant to us than a short-term marketing-leadership. Suspicious businesses will be declined. We′re counting on fair businesses and sustainable relationships with business partners and authorities. Our market-economical actions strive for a positive business result, which is supposed to ensure the continuous existence of the company in the long run as well as to offer room for progress and innovative developments.

Arriving together - with the branch of woodworking machines

As a trade house for used woodworking technology, we strive for excellent performences in the fields of rating and purchase, marketing and distribution, to offer logistic as well as technological services and to serve the industry as an expertly excellent source of information. Outstanding means to us: honest, competent, transparent and on schedule.