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Automatic edgebander with premilling unit from the BRANDT Company in all performence classes.


2003 Start of the series KDN and KDF
2007 KDF: transfer of the jointing cutter externally to the protection cap leads to space saving. A KDF 660 can, from this moment on, be equipped with 2 edge milling units which wasn't possible before. For the processing of PU-adhesive the cardridge system is being offered.
2008 Design conversion for all KDF/N from the 1st August on: angular hood, great, blue-tinged view screens
2009 replacement of the series KDN/KDF via the series Brandt Ambition.

type terminology

sequenze of numbers

  • 1. number is series
  • 2. + 3. number is for the machine length

series portraits

200-er Starter machine up to 3mm edgeband thickness
300-er Starter machine up to 5 mm edgeband thickness
  • Successor of the series KD50
  • BFS-control for all 300er machines
  • PC16-control for all 350 C -Maschines
  • single-motor corner rounding unit according to the rotaton principle
400-er in march/april 2003 on the market as a very cheap innovation up to 8 mm edgeband thickness 500-er 'compact industry standard'
  • up to 8mm
  • replaces the KD70er series
  • up to the year 2005 control PC16, from year of construction 2006 with control PC20+
600-er 'universal and versatile'
  • replaces the KD 80er
  • 4-axis-control of the milling unit (4-different peck depth)
  • edgeband thickness 12 up to 20mm (edge rounding unit up to 11mm)
  • feed rate 11/14 m/min
  • control PC20+ from year 2006
700-er 'fast and eddicient'
  • up to 15mm edgeband thickness
  • continuous feed up to 20 m/min
  • control PC16 bzw. 20+ serial
900-er 'highest industry standard' replaces KD 90er
  • edgeband thickness up to 20 mm
  • continuous feed up to 20 m/min

Obrázky a videa

KDF 350 C
BRANDT, 2007
Brandt KDF 660
BRANDT, 2008
BRANDT KDF 650 mit ZHR01
BRANDT, 2013
KDF 1660 profiLine
BRANDT, 2013
KDF 1890 profiLine
BRANDT, 2013
KDF 56719_018
KDF 56719_016

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