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HOMAG BOF 311 /60/PM

CNC machining centre
Article number: 37544

Article details

ModelBOF 311 /60/PM
MachinetypeCNC machining centre
Year of manufacture2002
AvailabilityWarehouse D-01665 Klipphausen

Technical specifications

Working dimension X6800
Working dimension Y1485
Working dimension Z220
Main motor power kW14.5
4th axisC-axis
Tool change slots70
Vertical drilling spindles23
Machine tablePod and rail table
Positioning aid
Special workpiece clamping systemFor windows

Machine controlHOMAG HOMATIC PC 83
Workpiece support aids
Milling spindle liquid-cooled
Stop for top layer protrusion
Automatic central lubrication
Contour laser
HOMAG 3-level clamping system
Number of milling spindles1
Rotation speed max rpm18000
Torque support
Tool clamping systemHSK-F63
Number of exchangeable units1
Horizontal drilling spindles in X6
Saw aggregateUnit, changeable
Cantilever machine
Number of consoles12
Vacuum pump
Capacity vacuum pump m³/h200
Safety deviceSafety mat
Chip conveyor
CE marking
Declaration of CE-conformity
Total connection kW36
Required space LxWxH mm11900x6000x2600
Weight kg10940
Operating statusbasic functions can be shown


* Zubehör: 1 Sägeaggregat und 6 Stck. 3-stufige Spanner
* Andere Werkzeugaufnahmen und/oder Werkzeuge, Spanner, sowie der
teilweise abgebildete und in der "Maschinenkarte" erwähnte
Spänesteigförderer stehen nicht mit zum Verkauf
* Arbeitsbereich: max. Werkstückabmessungen für das Fräsen inklusive
Spannmitteln lt. Herstellerangaben.

=== English: ===
* Working range: max. workpiece dimensions for routing including
clamps, according to manufacturer´s brochure.
* Accessories: 1 saw aggregate and 6 clamps "3-step-system"
* Further tools and accessories are not included

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology



Short description CNC-machining centre, as an entry-level machine for use in the industry. Successor of the successful HOMAG machine series BOF 20/BAZ 20. There are 2 basic models of the BOF 311...
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